EDC – Everyday Carry

Posted on July 6th, 2021

Remember those movies where some catastrophe happens and there's that one person who seems to have exactly what is needed to get everyone safely out of the jam and help the group survive? Wouldn't it be so cool if that person were YOU!?
My everyday carry consists of a firestarter necklace [my fave, but any one of these will suffice], a multitool pen (not unlike this one or this), a pocket Emergency kit (you could try something like this), a keychain CPR mask and a flat roll of duct tape. Occasionally I might include a paracord keychain ornament or wristband, and a survival belt for extra good measure. Some other useful keychain items include collapsible drinking straws and folding cutlery.

But the important thing here is that each of these items is easily incorporated into my normal everyday attire, inconspicuous, convenient and multipurpose.  I can walk out prepared for almost anything and not really look like it.

I cannot tell you how many times some of these small items have helped me (and my friends!) out before.They can easily become a part of your and your family's everyday readiness. Even when you travel, some of these can travel with you. And I gotta say, it really is a very satisfying feeling when you start to be known as the one who's got everything covered. For an idea of what your basic EDC should help you accomplish, review my previous post, Survival 101.2.

You might want to get a small bag you can kit out and easily pick up; just add your phone, keys and wallet and you're ready to head out the door. Some might find a few ziplock bags and an extra plastic bag or two make a useful addition without taking up much space. You may even want to add a pouch of ready-to drink water, especially if you take medication. These are easier to fit into a small pack or pouch than a water bottle, but are generally not resealable. You can use a nifty ziplock bag hack to get around that though. [More on that later] A mylar blanket, a small snack and a water-purifying straw, and you're literally ready to survive just about anything for at least a day.

Till next time, be prepared, stay ready. For life.

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