Get Ready Resources

Posted on September 5th, 2021

Get Ready Resources

With Labor Day signaling the end of summer, the change of seasons might well spark a need for refreshers. Like reminders about keeping the home safe.

I realize I have been remiss in making sure you have a reliable source of information to help you get ready and stay prepared. I expect you already know to look to the CDC and WHO websites for reliable information on health issues, so I will not risk redundancy by including those here.

I thought I had mentioned this earlier, but if not, today I will share one of the articles that first got me interested in seriously preparing myself and my household for whatever surprise situations life might throw at me.

Here is the link to that set of articles:

Here is a pretty good (albeit somewhat convoluted) website for disaster preparedness information:

Very important information for us urban dwellers is this instructional video on surviving an active shooter scenario. There are several versions of this video, but I think this is one of the best. I've included it in my blog post so you can watch it here, or by clicking on this link

For my New Yorkers out there, once again, here is the link to the NYC disaster prep website where you can even sign up to attend a free training event:

And these are articles with particular pertinence to our present global situation. It's almost scary how very on the mark the predictions in there were:

  1. The Worst Plague in History
  2. Influenza: What We Know Now
  3. Disease - How to Reduce the Risk
  4. ‘Pestilences in One Place After Another’
  5. Revenge of the Microbes
  6. Ways to Improve Your Health

In article #4, pay attention to paragraphs 2 and 3 in particular. Article #5 has an interesting section, "Why Are New Diseases Emerging?" and article #6 lists 5 ways to improve/maintain your health. All good information that we can use now and into the future.

Have a good read, then go out there and get prepared! Or rather, come on back to visit my webstore and have your survival supplies shipped to you while you stay safe at home.

Till the next post: Stay Ready. Be Prepared. For Life.

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