Safety First

Safety First
Posted on August 2nd, 2021

Safety First

When a surprise attack or unexpected disaster strikes, one of your first priorities has to be securing your home. Part of that may include shutting off power and gas most likely in your basement, and very possibly in the dark.
Do you have what you need if you had to take such safety measures? Do you know what tools and minimum safety gear you need and are these in a readily accessible place?
It's a good idea to have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a simple and easy to access bundle. Here is an inexpensive safety bag available for you that you can adapt and add a few things to make a shelter-in-place safety go-bag.

Safety Sacks

This particular bag contains a hard hat, work gloves, safety glasses, ear protection, a breathing mask, and a high-visibility vest. Don't delay, it's in short supply, and going for a discounted price right now*. You can add a multi-tool like one of these and a First aid kit to complete your safety sack. Then throw in a headlamp or select one of our wide selection of flashlights in the webstore.

Another kit - marketed as a New Hire kit is less expensive but requires more additions to build it up. It is similar to the safety sack but has the large leather work gloves instead of the nitrile coated more fitted ones, no breathing mask, and does not come in it's own reflective bag.

In the case of a disaster (like an earthquake), you may receive direction to turn off your utilities. Or the smell of gas in the house may tell you, you need to do something.

Here's what you do:

  1. DO a practice run. Before ever the need arises to shut off power or gas in your house, go find the appropriate valves and levers (call the relevant supply company if you need help with this, or ask questions next time the serviceman/woman comes around) and figure a clear, simple way to be sure that these are off. Usually, all you need do is turn a valve from the flowing position to the locked position. Now that you know where it is and what to do...
  2. Teach at least one other family member what you know. God forbid you are incapacitated and there is a need to shut off the gas, but no one else knows how to do it!
  3. Remember once you turn the utilities off, do not turn them back on yourself. This is very dangerous. Wait for the company service to come switch it all back on after the disaster has passed.

Be prepared, and stay safe out there!

*At time of writing.

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