Survival 101.2

Posted on March 12th, 2022

So let's really dive deep into some of the simplified basics we mentioned in our first post.

What are the top survival supplies that you must have? Here are the essentials:


Humans cannot last more than 3 days without water so it is important to have some provision for acquiring potable water. You may not be able to store a 3-day supply of water, especially if you live in ultra-urban areas which are notoriously cramped for space. That is why water filtration systems are in the top 10 of any list of top survival supplies.

Here are some items to help you have this top survival supply covered:

  1. Personal water filtration system, e.g. LifeStraw,Diercon Mini Water Purifier Straw 

Diercon Mini Water Purifier with Accessories $21.99

  1. Home water purification systems

Water purification tablets, e.g.  Aqua water purification tablets

Warmth (and light)

Depending on what your emergency situation is, maintaining your body temperature can become a serious survival issue. If you live in the tropics, heat exposure will be a greater concern. Exposure to the elements has been known to cause fatality in less than 3 hours. Getting and staying warm falls squarely in the top 5 survival essentials along with water and nourishment. This may include creating a fire to supply warmth. Of course, a fire has the added benefit of providing light as well. Here are a few items that you can add to your preparedness kit to take care of this factor:

  1. Mylar blanket- small and lightweight this item really packs a punch as it enables you to trap and conserve up to 90% of your body heat. Some come with color options that can aid either in camouflage to help evade detection or high-visibility to increase chances of rescue.NDuR Emergency Survival Blanket Olive /Silver $19.78Orion Emergency Blanket $12.98
  2. Firestarter necklaces - my favoriteis a small ceramic piece on a leather cord necklace with the striker rod incorporated made by Wazoo. I particularly like this one because I can keep it on my person at all times it passes well as a leather accessory and if I don’t want it around my neck, I can wrap it round my wrist. But here is a list of several to choose from.
  3. Mini stoves and fuel bricks.  You could also try this Yabul Flameless CampingCooker Kit to work with your food pouches discussed below. Browse some of these options: Portable stoves and instant fuels.
  4. Water resistant matches. Check these

Remember to pack a full change of clothes while you’re at it! Dry clothes could make all the difference between being found dead, or alive. you might want some High-visibility wear. Here’s a simple waterproof bag to store those clothes and keep ‘em dry. This works too.


While it has been shown that we can survive without food for about 3 weeks who wants to suffer that long? Plus, nourishment is essential to helping us control our body temperature, and strength will likely be needed to help us get out of whatever emergency situation we find ourselves in. Now the basics for ensuring a food supply would include having edible meals ready to go, but should also consider items that will help you procure food even after you run out of your stashed supply. Here are some top survival supplies to help secure your food source:

  1. Gourmet meal kits - Mountain House EssentialBucketBreakfast bucket and Classic bucket.
  2. Meals-ready-to-eat - 12 different Mealsper Case.
  3. Food pouches - 72 Hour Cook-in-PouchMeal Kit3-Day Emergency Food Supply Kit
  4. A knife and tinder box. You can make your own tinder box by getting a small airtight can and filling it with laundry lint, jute, twine or other suitable tinder soaked in Vaseline. A little goes a long way. Or get a free twine-ring with any purchase from my webstore, while supplies last.
  5. NEW!! Just added: Some truly awesome healthy food supplies from Wise. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Check these out!

This handy kit has a very serviceable knife along with some other tools.

Outdoor Sports SOS Emergency Survival Tools Kit For Tactical Hunting Tool With Self-Help Box $25.28

Or you could select one of these tactical knives with extra benefits:

HX OUTDOORS123D Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Tactical Fixed Blade Knife Multifunctional EDC Tool $42.89

Outdoor Survival Rescue Folding Knife Multifunction Camping Mini Peeler Keychain Tactical Tools $9.88


These are what I like to call your boy scout items; not essential but when you pull that out your family will marvel and say, ‘You really prepared for everything!’ In other words, they are still top survival supplies and good to have but won’t necessarily mean life or death.  These might include safety gear, multitools, signaling devices, power generators, comfort items (like a 5-quart collapsible water container, fleece throw blankets, eating utensil, etc.). We'll go into more details about these items in another post.

I really hope you enjoyed this review of top survival supplies to keep ready in your home. Remember you can help improve this blog by sending in your suggestions. Till the next one,


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