Customized Auto Survival Kit

Customized Auto Survival Kit

Disasters and emergency situations can arise anywhere and meet up with us at anytime, even when we are on the road. If a flashflood caught you in your car, what then?

The peace of mind from having this super-inclusive and compact auto emergency kit is priceless! Just add your basic car tools and a battery jump starter, and you're ready for anything from a blow-out to a snowstorm. Plus, you can come to the rescue of others.


  1. Auto kit bag
  2. Guardian 5-in-1 tool {with seatbelt cutter, window punch & phone charger)
  3. Reflective triangle (Compact folding)
  4. Fleece throw blanket
  5. Emergency hooded poncho
  6. Survival sleeping bag
  7. 2-person tube tent
  8. Emergency mylar blanket
  9. Instant body warmer
  10. Box of waterproof matches
  11. Compact multi-function shovel (compass, nails, fishing line and hooks, saw, etc.)
  12. Nylon rope (50 feet)
  13. Deck of survival playing cards (playing cards with survival tips)
  14. Hygiene kit
  15. 2400 kcals food bars (3 days of emergency food bars x 1person) expires 2026
  16. Small First Aid kit (scissors, bandaids, gauze, tourniquet, safety pins, tweezers, etc)

Please note, you can purchase each individual item, but here at TopSS, we wanted to offer you a compact kit that puts them together in one convenient package. And at a discounted price!


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