Scotty 780 Lifesaver #1 Safey Whistle

Scotty 780 Lifesaver #1 Safey Whistle

780 Lifesaver #1 Safety Whistle Features: The world’s most advanced all-purpose Lifesaver Safety #1 Whistle, designed by search and rescue professionals Synthetic peas will not absorb moisture or freeze. ABS plastic will not stick to the mouth in cold weather, as metal whistles do. Double-chambered for multiple pitches, it includes a locking safety clip. Waffle-textured plastic for improved holding grip Meets anti-choking standards for children Large tooth-grip for hands-free use Lip-seal prevents the loss of air in extreme cold.

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals, including NICKEL (metal), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.


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